Angela’s Custom Quilting

I would love to help you with your Quilting projects.

Preparing Your Quilt for Machine Quilting

  1. Do not baste your quilt.
  2. Identify the head of the quilt top and heat of back, if necessary.
  3. The quilt backing and batting should be a minimum of 4 inches wider and 5 inches longer than the quilt top.
  4. Measure the center of the quilt top vertically. Then measure the outside edges vertically. If there is more than a 1-1/2 inch difference, it is possible that your top will have tucks when quilted. Do the same measurements horizontally. The most common reasons for measurement differences are stretched bias edges and mitered corners that leave extra fabric on one or both sides of the miter. Too much easement when piecing blocks can result in small tents or puckers, which will cause tucks when the quilt is quilted.
  5. There should never be any loose edges. Also, the top should be free of embellishments (buttons, charms, pins, etc.)
  6. Check the quilt top for seam breaks. Old quilts and hand-stitched quilts are prone to seam breaks. This can cause tearing of the quilt top.
  7. The quilt top and backing should be clipped of loose threads, both front and back, that can cause snags and uneven stitching. On lighter fabrics, loose threads on the backside of the top will show through.
  8. Top and backing should be pressed with seams pressed open or to one side.
  9. If you choose to use a copyrighted quilting pattern, send it along with your quilt. I will return them with your completed quilt.



  1. When you ship, print and complete a Quilting Order Form for each quilt and attach to the quilt. Include any special instructions on the order form, i.e. if wall quilt and hanging sleeve requested, specify sleeve attached to length or width side.
  2. Place quilt(s), backing material, batting (if applicable), Quilting Order Form and deposit in a plastic bag and seal. Place bag in a shipping box and seal with tape using something like Scotch Packing Tape. Please ship in a box that will accommodate the finished quilt(s) because I will use your box for return shipment. If your box is not large enough and I have to purchase one; this cost will be passed along to you in the balance calculation.  Be sure to also cover the mail label with the packing tape to protect it and keep it from coming off.  For your quilt’s protection I request it to be mailed to me personally.

      Ship to:

                                    Angela Cole

10173 Black Jack Rd.

Catoosa, OK  74015


  1. You should insure your package for the replacement cost in case of loss or damage. Return shipping and insurance is in addition to quilting charges and dependent on shipper preference, priority and insurance amount. I prefer to use the US Postal Service for return shipping. Please indicate your shipper preference, priority and insurance on the Quilting Order Form.  A check for 50% of the estimated total service charge should be included with each quilt top and backing (if provided).  Any questions should be directed to or call 918-508-6009.